Former punter selling t-shirts of JK Scott for Hurricane Dorian relief

Published: Sep. 9, 2019 at 7:32 AM CDT
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Former NFL punter Pat McAfee is heaping praise upon Green Bay Packers punter JK Scott for his performance on Thursday night. McAfee is so impressed that he's now selling t-shirts hailing Scott's "game winner" moment.

On Twitter, McAfee posted a video of Scott's 63-yard punt in the fourth quarter. He paused the punt on his DVR and added his own commentary. "Let's break down a little punt fundamentals, shall we? Notice how both feet are still on the ground, the ball is flat, hand is steady," McAfee said on the video.

The video then pauses again after Scott kicked the ball. The follow through is pretty impressive with Scott's knee practically touching his face. "Like a rocketteer!" said McAfee.

McAfee put that image on a t-shirt with the words "game winner" on it. And better yet, McAfee says all the proceeds will go towards Hurricane Dorian relief. McAfee also affectionately refers to Scott as the "young ball bomber"

The t-shirts are $25. You can buy the shirt here:

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