Friday Football Blitz 2019: Week 3

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DARLINGTON, Wis. (WMTV) -- It's time for another week of Friday Football Blitz across southern Wisconsin.

NBC15 Sports Director Mike "Jocko" Jacques and George Balekji break down all of tonight's match ups.

For this Game of the Week, we were treated to a rivalry between Lancaster and Darlington.

Darlington had a tough time starting the game, three and out and a blocked punt on the first drive. Jacob Stelpfug made the recovery for the Arrows.

The very next play, Corey Hahn got the easy punch in. Darlington would give up another turnover and Lancaster would take full advantage with a little trickery. A halfback option pass connected Dawson Bowen to Weston Pink.

The Redbirds finally got the wheels turning in the second inning. Braden Davis launched one to Carter Lancaster — who gave his best Randy Moss impression — kept his feet just inside the boundaries for the touchdown.

However, Lancaster stayed undefeated, 46-21.