Friday Football Blitz: Level 1

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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) -- Friday Football Blitz just leveled up, as the WIAA playoffs enter Level 1 of the postseason.

As Mike "Jocko" Jacques and George Balekji look back to Week Five when Madison Memorial handed West a 28-6 loss, since then the Spartans climbed to a top-five ranking in the state. The Madison West Regents bounced back by winning three of their next four.

But heading into Friday night, both teams know to pay little mind to the rankings, cause it all depends how you play now, in the postseason.

"To me that doesn't measure a team's ability and the inspiration that they have on a Friday night to play one another. So I try to avoid putting a lot of weight and stock in rankings and more so what's the make up of a team," Michael Harris, Madison Memorial Head Coach said.

"You know I think our kids are used to that. Last year we were all sophomores and had to play a lot of older kids. So they understood that last year, they understand that this year. They're still a younger group. They have limited numbers and stuff like that but, our kids are always going to battle. I love coaching them, they're doing a great job for us and that's all we can ask from them. We just want their best effort," Brad Murphy, Madison West Head Coach said.

For the underdog Regents, they were seeking their first win over Memorial since 2017.

Will Gutknecht — as Jocko would say sometimes it's okay to be selfish kids — a great run to the 2-yard line. Then he did it again, this time finding the end zone. The PAT was not good, leaving the score 6-0 Regents.

But then came the big green. Senior Kam Marshall didn't want his career to come to an end. He went along the far sidelines, making a sweet move for a huge gain for the home team.

After all that work, another halfback, Kabaris Vasser, took the hand off for the score. It was now 7-6 Memorial.

But the run game wasn't slowing down. The next time it was Marshall who got the glory and found the end zone.

Madison Memorial would win this one, 42-6.