Golfers go high tech at GolfTec

Published: Jul. 19, 2016 at 5:37 PM CDT
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Madison, Wis.--GolfTec has a simple mission: to help people play better golf.

Nowhere is that more evident than in the case of recent Monona Grove graduate, Mikayla Hauck who starting taking lessons from Tim Boegh six years ago.

"When she first started, what she may or may not realize, was shooting probably like 120 range," GolfTec director of instruction, Tim Boegh said.

That equates to about a 30 handicap.

"Two years ago it was, I believe, a five or a six. As of last year, in the fall, it was down to a zero," Monona Grove grad Mikayla Hauck said.

Now, Tim and Mikayla's lessons are much more ball-flight oriented with an emphasis on setting realistic goals, like the one Makayla made three years ago.

"My goal was to break 87 and I ended up shooting an 80 that year, so big improvement there," Hauck said.

One of the biggest advancements in golf in the past twenty-plus years is the increase of video, which helps golfers get immediate feedback on their swing.

"Then I can do a quick fix on the range or something and I'm like, oh, the ball flight's going this way," Hauck said.

"It's probably this with my swing path or this with my club."

"It helps her realize that even though it might feel awkward, it might feel different, that she's going in the right direction and gives her more confidence," Boegh said.

Tim calls Mikayla one of the hardest workers he's coached, which should serve her well when she golfs at Eastern Kentucky next year.

"I give her an assignment. This is what she needs to be doing," Boegh said.

"She'll go work on that and I'll have probably ten text messages later showing how she worked on it, what she did, and what her results were."