Jocko and Matt Kenseth go one-on-one

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OREGON, WI In Matt Kenseth's return to Madison International Speedway, childhood memories were brought back before the races even began, "Driving here brings back a lot of memories. Used to race here weekly on Friday nights. That was a lot of years ago already, but it's really cool to come back here and see the racetrack. Looking forward to getting on it today and going out and racing these guys."

Kenseth stepped away from full-time racing after a decorated career, and enjoys the extra time which he now spends with his family, "I probably had the best summer of my life..." Kenseth began, " I certainly love racing all those years, and that was a huge part of my life, but one thing that I think a lot of people don't see is all the downtime you have. You know, fortunately, my kids were really young. We could take them to the track all the time, but the last three or four years it's been a lot tougher. You know, school, activities, things like that. So, it's nice to be home and kind of hang out with Katie and the kids and just enjoy our time."

Matt Kenseth is a native of Cambridge, Wisconsin.