Lodi finalizing fundraising for new turf field

LODI, Wis. (WTMV) -- You can look no further than Halloween of this past football season to see that Mother Nature is unpredictable.

Snow on a Friday night of football that affected grass fields in the area for the remainder of the season. making them almost unplayable, with Lodi's being one of them.

Now the community of Lodi is making the push to bring a turf field to Blue Devils athletics.

"I'm just real happy that we have people in this community that believe in this and understand how important this is." Lodi head football coach, David Puls said on the initiative being taken to bring a turf field to Lodi High.

Over the years, Lodi has had to cancel numerous JV soccer and football games due to poor drainage on the grass field after rainfall. Even relocating varsity athletic events as well.

Turf doesn't only change that, but improves athlete safety not just for football and soccer, but cheerleading and the marching band as well as those program's can use the turf to practice.

So far the community committee has raised $675,000 towards their goal of $800,000 with the cost of the project estimated at $1.3 million. Once the committee gets multiple quotes from contractors, they will know a more accurate price that may be cheaper.

Whatever the price may be, fundraising will be the main form of payment combined with a contribution from the school district to alleviate any burden on Lodi residents.

"This project is community based so we are trying to secure all the funding, raise all the funding within our community so that we don't go to asking tax payers for more money." local Lodi business owner and community member, Karla Faust told us.

"You might have a son or daughter that's in second grade, well in 10 years, they're going to be a senior in high school, and they can be on this field." added Fuls at the idea of the lasting impact this project will have on Lodi High.

The Community Committee will have one last fundraising event on Sunday, January 19th starting at 11:30 AM at KD's Bar and Grill in Lodi. 50/50 raffles, a silent auction including sports memorabilia signed by members of the Green Bay Packers and more will be apart of the event to help raise money for Lodi. All are welcome to attend.