No-nonsense LaFleur kicks Josh Jones out of practice

Published: Jul. 31, 2019 at 5:50 PM CDT
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One day after coach Matt LaFleur was upset at his entire team, he was angry at one individual player, tossing safety Josh Jones out of practice after Jones tossed a teammate to the ground. Tackling in practice is taboo with the new coach.

“I don't want to tackle (in practice),” LaFleur said. “We are in a thud situation. It is one thing if a guy knows he is going to be tackled. It's another thing when a guy gets tackled and he's not necessarily expecting it. I think that leads to injuries. We are going to have a zero tolerance policy on that. I told him to get out, at that particular moment. That's not what we want to be about.”

“We knew the consequences already,” said cornerback Tramon Williams. “Coach made it clear when we first got here, that he didn't want any fighting. I don't think there were any blows thrown. But I think the example has been made.”

And despite the fact that LaFleur's offensive players are still having troubles lining up fast to run plays in team drills, Aaron Rodgers is getting comfortable making audibles. He used one to find Geronimo Allison, who made the catch of camp so far jumping back and over the head of a defender to snare the ball.

And Rodgers' experience helped him navigate a very herky jerky looking 2-minute drill that ended with an unlikely-looking 37-yard touchdown throw to Marques Valdez-Scantling where the ball was thrown up for grabs and behind the receiver.

“I love it when the ball ends up in the end zone, from an offensive perspective,” LaFleur said. “And then defensively, we have to do a better job of not allowing that to happen. I will be interested to see the tape of that, because of course the defense is saying there was offensive pass interference. But I guess, hey, it will all be reviewed anyways.”

On the injury front, an addition to those sitting out today with running back Aaron Jones missing work with hamstring tightness, though rookie safety Darnell Savage was back to work.

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