Packer Chester Marcol raises awareness for opioid addiction in Madison

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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV)-- Green Bay Packers' hall of famer Chester Marcol was in Madison Monday to raise money and awareness for opioid addiction.

Green Bay Packers' hall of famer Chester Marcol stopped by Madison Monday.

Marcol spoke at the Recovery Foundation’s 'Voices of Recovery' luncheon, where he shared his struggle with drug abuse. Marcol says he wants other people to know that there is hope for recovery.

"Some people use it, abuse it and they stop, but unfortunately there's tremendous addiction. I graduated from those two Tylenol 3s to injecting heroine down the road," Marcol said.

The Recovery Foundation works to educate people struggling with addiction in Dane County about the possibilities of long term recovery, and raises funds to provide outpatient treatment for people in need.