Powerlifting for a good cause

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MADISON, Wi. The temperatures may be dropping, but things were heating up at Functional Integrated Training for their third annual powerlifting competition.

Lance Goyke / CC BY 2.0 / MGN

"For today, it's about lifting weights, and raising money for charity," FIT Owner Jared Markiewicz said.

And that's exactly what members did this morning at FIT in Fitchburg.

"Powerlifting is squat, bench and deadlift. They're going to do three attempts of each lift and based on what their capabilities are and what they've trained," Markiewicz said. "We determine the numbers that they're going to hit that day or today It's a lot of fun for them to challenge themselves and see what they're capable of doing."

Twenty five members competed in the powerlifting meet. Each year FIT picks a different charity in the community to donate to. This year, they chose the Recovery Foundation to help people with substance abuse recovery and for some members, it hits close to home.

"I experienced that with my mother," Heather Harbach, who has been a member of FIT for a year now said.

Harbach is also the Dean of Students at Edgewood College and she said she's seen kid's seeking assistance.

"They want to get help and they either can't afford it or they don't know where to go or they just feel hopeless. I've sat across from them and have seen their tears and have them look at me and say 'I just don't know what to do, so being able to be a part of a gym that is also committed to an organization like a recovery center and Connections Counseling is just overwhelming," Harbach said.

Harbach used the recovery center as motivation to compete in her first weightlifting meet, but she also had a little motivation in the crowd.

"I have two girls and to be able to show them that girls can lift too and it's something that's important for their own health and to be able to see their mom do that is pretty cool."