Running in the Family

COTTAGE GROVE, Wis. (WMTV) -- Like mother, like daughter, the Babcock's must get their daily exercise.

For Brianne Babcock and her daughter Mackenzie, that's running to train for the USATF Junior National Championships, together.

"Some kids parents just say go practice but I actually have someone that can come and practice with me." Shared Mackenzie.

That "someone" in Brianne has been in Mackenzie's shoes. A former runner at D1 UW-Milwaukee her mother Brianne has competed in marathons across the country and since Mackenzie turned-five year old, she has run alongside her.

From right here in Madison, to the kid's race of the Boston Marathon and to the 2018 USATF nationals in Reno. As Brianna has noticed it ignite Mackenzie's fire to reach the next level

"I would say in the last year is when she kind of made this decision, 'I want to be better at this than just showing up and racing.' I think actually going out to Reno was kind of eye opening to her like if I want to be better at this, O.K. what do I have to do?"

"I want to become a better runner and she knows that. She knows how much to push me." added Mackenzie

So the Babcock's added training every day to their regiment, but all on Mackenzie's own accord.

"I felt like we've tried really hard in all of their sports to just be like, 'we can't want it for you. You have to want it for yourself.'"

That self-motivation has prepared Mackenzie for this weekend for her second shot at nationals and a hopeful All-American finish.

"It's super exciting for me to see her have this God given talent and have the opportunity to just use it."