The Oaks experiences successful opening weekend

Published: Mar. 15, 2020 at 10:53 PM CDT
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With most day-to-day life limited due to the coronavirus spreading, golf provides the perfect amount of space and activity to still be enjoyed.

"Golf from the start has been a great sport to get out and kind of escape from your daily life. And I think that's probably more prevalent now than ever." said Shaun Finley, Director of Golf Operations at The Oaks in Cottage Grove.

Ian Flyke, a med student at UW took to the links with his friends to enjoy opening weekend themselves.

"The golf course is a pretty good place for staying away from each other. It's nice and open so we figured why not come out? Weather's good, course is open. Let's get after it."

John Decker was enjoying the time outside as well, "I played golf growing up and first time of the year I can get out here and play so its been a few months since I've done it. Come out with the boys and have a good time."

Sanitation is a priority for The Oaks as well. The staff constantly wipes down every surface in the clubhouse along with all golf carts after every use.

Normally it's one golf cart given to every golfing pair, but if an individual wants their own due to social distancing being recommended then the course will accommodate them.

"You know I'm just trying to just be safe and be healthy as best I can throughout the day and not letting it rule my life." Decker added about the proper precautions he's taking before playing a round.

Finley said it best on what it means for him to see the course still so packed even during tough times.

"It's one of those time honored traditions. It's a game that you can escape....That's exciting to us that we can still provide an opportunity for those that are really looking to get away and looking to get out and exercise. Walk nine holes, those types of things where maybe they don't feel comfortable going somewhere else to do that. It's a great opportunity to still get out, socialize, do it in a safe setting, and still get to play some golf."

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