Usain Bolt says he’d be up for an NFL career ‘if Aaron Rodgers called’: TMZ

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GREEN BAY — If Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers or New England Patriots QB Tom Brady are in need of a 6’5? receiver who runs a 4.2 40-yard dash — Usain Bolt said give him a call.

TMZ Sports spoke with the 33-year-old Bolt, the most decorated Olympic sprinter ever in New York City and asked him whether he would be up for an NFL career since he is now retired.

He told TMZ Sports yes, but with a caveat. It must be with Green Bay or New England.

“If the Patriots or Aaron Rodgers call me — if they call me, I’m ready!” said Bolt.
Bolt added, “Have you seen Aaron Rodgers? He’s a G, man.”

According to TMZ, Bolt actually got offers from NFL teams to try out for a roster spot in 2016, but he declined.

He’s got some more time on his hands now that he’s retired, though.

TMZ Sports also asked Bolt for his opinion on “a GOAT-off between Rodgers and Brady.” When asked whether Rodgers is better than Brady, Bolt replied, “It’s tight.”

“He doesn’t have the right amount of wide receivers right now,” said Bolt. “If he had the right players with him, I think he’d be doing way better, but he’s doing great with what he has right now.”