Watt brothers go head-to-head this Sunday

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HOUSTON, Tex., (WMTV) The Watt brothers are renewing their sibling rivalry as JJ takes on Derek in week 3 NFL action. JJ and the Houston Texans are traveling to Los Angeles to play the Chargers younger brother Derek.

“It’s very cool. I’m not going to act like it’s not exciting or anything, it’s awesome,” JJ said in a press conference.

JJ plays defensive end for the Texans while Derek plays fullback for the Chargers. That means the two brothers will be on the field at the same time.

“It’s fun to watch him play. I love to watch him play. He’s a great special teams player. He throws his body around as a fullback,” JJ said.

For them, playing in the NFL is a childhood dream.

“We literally played football in the backyard and the front yard and dreamt about playing in the NFL so this is going to be very special,” added JJ.

Their parents John and Connie will be in attendance for the game. JJ admits, his parents are in a tough spot.

“(It is) probably nerve wracking for my mom. And for my dad, I don’t know, he’ll find something to tell us we did wrong on every play,”

The Watt brothers grew up in Pewaukee in Waukesha County. Both attended the University of Wisconsin. They also have a younger brother TJ who plays linebacker for the Pittsburgh Steelers.