Wisconsin schools join #BeTheLightWI to honor student athletes

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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV)-- On a typical Friday night, high school fields would be filled with student-athletes, cheerleaders, bands and family and friends.

Middleton High School with its lighting shining for the #BeTheLightWI campaign (Source: Carrie Roquet)

But with the coronavirus pandemic, sports have been put on hold, and sports fields left empty.

To honor the student athletes in Wisconsin who have had to make that sacrifice, fields across our state turned their lights bright for the #BeTheLight campaign.

The #BeTheLightWI campaign was started to spread support and hope for high school student-athletes.

NBC15 News spoke with Aaron May, the Waunakee Athletic Director, about their high school participating in the campaign Friday night. According to May:

"We're just trying, whether it's the Athletic Department, the administration here, the school board, the teachers. Letting all of our kids, our student athletes, our kids in other extra curricular. All of our students - that we're here for them. That we, we know this is a tough time and that we're here. Trying to just make this special. They're going to remember 2020 regardless - we want to have some positive memories, so whenever we get back on the field and playing again, they've at least got something to hold on to."

NBC15 News has collected images of that special moment across school fields in our area:

If you have video and pictures of #BeTheLight, you can share it with us by clicking here.

The WMTV Station for #BeTheLightWI (Source: WMTV)