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About Us

Welcome to Noel Manor Retirement Living

At Noel Manor, our residents will enjoy all the comforts of home while enjoying a full range of retirement living services.

Our Mission

“Taking care of our loved ones with compassion and grace.”

Our facility’s purpose is to provide extraordinary supportive living for your loved one with compassion and grace. We are motivated by the beautiful life of our loved one, Noel Keene, who inspired our name. Always there for others with a supportive hand and kind words, we strive to live out Noel’s generous spirit through all that we do at Noel Manor.

Noel Manor FAQ

My parents are not ready to move right now; however, what can I do to help them prepare for the future?
Reassure your parents that it is not too early to explore their living options for one to two years in the future. Talk about the location and amenities they would like. Locate 2-3 communities that fit the criteria, research them, and take tours. Once you've narrowed it down, encourage your parents to take a tour, too. There is no risk in getting on a waiting list or two if they find a good fit. You can all enjoy a little peace of mind.

What are the most common mistakes I can help my parents avoid when transitioning to senior living?
The number one mistake that families make is they do not have a conversation about senior living amongst themselves or with a physician. Broach the topic and find out your parents' preferences should the need ever arise. Find out where the Health Care Power of Attorney (HCPOA) paperwork is, who the HCPOA is, and ask if they have long term care insurance. Find out what the budget is should they ever need to move into a community. Encourage your parents to consult with the doctor in advance of an event such as a fall ever occurring.

How will I know when it's time for senior living for my parents?
Watch for: falls, difficulties sitting, getting up, standing and/or walking, a decline in nutrition, struggles with remembering important information, trouble dialing the phone, problems with maintaining medication, confusion tracking time, and difficulty with giving someone information about themselves in case of an emergency.

What are some of the benefits of senior living for my parents?
Moving into a retirement community can provide you and your parents a tremendous amount of relief from worry and stress. Instead of struggling to maintain a home, your parents can truly enjoy their retirement. Many people begin to really thrive once they live in the right supportive environment.