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About Us

Forty-two years in business and three generations.  One hundred sixty-five different kinds of Wisconsin Cheese, as well as many other Wisconsin specialities like: wines, sausage, honey, maple syrup, jams, jellies and more.  Bringing out the best of Wisconsin is our speciality!

Ehlenbach's Cheese Chalet FAQ

What's the difference between white and yellow cheeses?
Really, it's nothing more than food coloring.

What are cheese curds?
Curds come from the beginning process of the cheese. They float to the top of the vat, and they are delicious.

Where does your cheese come from?
Our cheese comes into the store from dairy producers all over the state.

Why is Wisconsin famous for its cheese more than other states?
We have a higher quality of feed for the cows here, and the tradition for quality dairy is so strong.

How long will cheese last before it goes bad?
Different cheeses will store better than others refrigerated. Always feel free to ask us for tips in the store! But generally, cheese can last for months in a refrigerator. If it is sliced, it will likely dry out. If a mold develops on the cheese, just cut off the moldy parts, and the cheese is still safe to eat.

Ehlenbach's Cheese Chalet