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A job in TV news brought Pam to Madison, but it was the people and the beauty of the state that kept her here for the next 3 decades.  Pam’s work in radio, TV and print media took her from Kansas, to Texas and Louisiana before Wisconsin. She landed at NBC15 on the same day as sports broadcaster Craig Coshun. They married 3 years later and together they have two sons. After taking a break to raise her family, Pam returned home to NBC15 as host of MomsEveryday in 2011.  While she’s honored to have received a number of awards for reporting excellence, she says by far the most challenging and rewarding work has come in her role as a mom. Pam draws on those perplexities of parenting in her MomsEveryday segments in an effort to help moms, and all parents, feel more heard and understood and to possibly help in some small way to navigate the journey of parenthood.