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About Us

Rosy Cheeks and Co has all of your needs for dance, gymnastics, skating and ballroom. Not only do we carry many national brands, but also design and create locally with our own “Rosy Cheeks Originals” brand. Exceptional quality, unique designs and fabrics make that special outfit just perfect Our quality will be handed down, not worn out! We have the knowledge to get that special fit in shoes and leotards to allow for maximum performance. 



Rosy Cheeks FAQ

Are dance tights different than regular tights?
Yes. We carry cotton tights and microfibre tights. They are stronger and wear like iron. One pair of proper cotton tights will last a season. Well worth the investment!

Do you actually manufacture these leotards?
Rosy Cheeks Originals leotards are designed and manufactured locally. They are higher quality than larger distribution brands and built to be handed down, not worn out.

Are your ballet shoes leather?
Yes, they are full leather and are the same price as less quality shoes at discount stores. Their higher quality construction allows the shoe to conform to the foot, which allows for better movement and support.

How do we buy ballroom shoes?
Ballroom shoes should feel snug. "Oh these are tight" as opposed to, "OW I need to get these off!" They should stretch to the foot. To allow for shaper movements, they should never be loose or sloppy.

Should I buy slip on jazz shoes or tie shoes?
It's a personal preference. Both are soft leather shoes, and you should buy what feels best on your foot. Try them both on.