Oregon Fire Department delivers pizza and safety

OREGON, Wis (WMTV) -- The Oregon Fire and EMS Department made house calls to deliver pizza and check smoke detectors.

It's not every day that you order a pizza and see a firetruck outside your window.

"Doing stuff like this with families and kids is probably my favorite thing to do," Marc Fink, Oregon Firefighter said.

Fink is typically fighting fires, but the only thing on fire today is the hot pizza waiting to be delivered to customers.

After every delivery, kids climbed in the big red truck to see what's inside.

"That's pretty cool. He thought it was the coolest thing ever," Jayme Judd, Oregon resident said.

The firefighters brought some extra toppings with their pizza.

At every stop, the firefighters offered to check the smoke detector to make sure it works, and if it doesn’t, they have the batteries to fix it. Fink said this safety check can prevent a tragedy from striking and the worst case scenario is if a fire starts when families are sleeping.

"If something's loud and beeping in your ear, then you're going to wake up. The kids are going to wake up or you're going to wake up the kids. It's much safer that way," he said.

The fire department went the extra mile to deliver pizza and a smile to make sure the community stays safe.

"Seeing their faces and how they light up and being able to teach them something in the process really makes it worthwhile," Fink said.