May take 5 days to restore power at Madison apartment after residents displaced

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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV)-- It may take as long as five days for power to be restored to a Madison apartment building after a fire knocked out its electricity on New Year’s Eve.

Ovation 309 located on 309 Johnson St. (Source: WMTV)

Hovde Properties, the owners of Ovation 309 in the city’s downtown, says an electrical fire in the building’s underground garage caused the outage.

While electricity in the building’s hallways, elevators and security systems has been restored, the electricity that powers the heating system has not.

Dozens of residents have been displaced to temporary living quarters.

Hovde Properties says contractors are working to get electricity up and running. Electrical components are expected to be shipped within the next several days, and power is expected to be restored between next Sunday and Monday.

No one was injured during the fire.

Displaced residents of the Ovation building described the fire and outage to NBC15 News.

“The alarm started going off,” Alena Mehtani said. “It was saying, there’s a fire in the building, there’s a fire in the building, please evacuate.”

“We sent some of the people downstairs to see if people were actually evacuating and what was going on, and then we lost power,” Mehtani said.

“So just kind of scrambled yesterday trying to get stuff out of my apartment,” Ovation resident Mathew Kasper said. “I had some really nice steaks sitting there so I had to store those at my friend’s house."

Firefighters also heard a 'boom' at that same time on New Year’s Eve. The report said the lights flickered off, before the generator kicked in.

Hovde COO/CFO Randall J. Guenther said in a statement:

“Our apartment community has been blessed with wonderful residents who have weathered this unfortunate situation with kindness and patience. We remain committed to their safety as we resolve this unfortunate power loss using all available resources."