Baraboo School Board hears community's grievances on alleged Nazi salute photo

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BARABOO, Wis. (WMTV) - People in Baraboo let their voices be heard on the controversial photo of students apparently giving a Nazi salute.

At a school board meeting in Baraboo Monday night, board president Kevin Vodak began by saying he believes there is work to be done to make sure the school district is a safe place for everyone.

"They need to apologize to their students in the school," one community member said of the students who raised their hands. "They need to learn what their actions indicate. And actually something as simple as what is a joke and what isn't a joke."

One person at the meeting said they would like a community-wide presentation from the high school history department to understand what these students are learning.

The school board did not respond directly to the comments made tonight because the issue of the photograph was not on the official agenda, but did allow public opinion in the beginning of the meeting, saying they wanted to hear everyone's opinions.