Beloit native loses home in California historic wildfire

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PARADISE, California (WMTV) -- It's a historic California wildfire that isn't showing mercy. The state has two massive fires burning at both ends, but the northern California "camp fire" has been dubbed the worst in state history.

Beloit native, Carrie Rosander Brott, has lived most of her adult life in Paradise, California. It is a smaller town located outside of Chico. She says the largest threat from this fire was it's speed that it was burning.

"We evacuated in flames. We went through flames to get out of town," Rosander Brott said.

Her daughter, husband, elderly father, and pets took two cars as they fled down the mountain. Three of the four roadways into town were blocked by fire which left only one way out.

"You are sitting there in the traffic wondering if you're going to die," Rosander Brott said, " I said goodbye to my husband."

After hours of stress and a sleepless night, she learned her house burned down.

"This town is wiped out. It is decimated."

The death toll is rising, and community members are attending town halls asking people if they have seen their loved ones. Rosander Brott says it's something she has never experienced before and something she never wants to live through ever again.

You can help victims and fire fighters by visiting the links below:

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