Bogus $100 bills that pass marker tests popping up in Baraboo, other towns

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BARABOO, Wis. (WMTV) -- There are fake $100 bills floating around Baraboo right now that were so well made they will pass the marker test used by many store clerks, and they even contain the embedded security strips, according to the Baraboo Police Department.

According to investigators, the suspects have been going into Baraboo businesses and buying small items, usually under ten dollars, and paying with the counterfeit cash. After getting their change, they are able to walk out with real money.

They added that similar instances have been reported in other communities as well.

Police say the two suspects may go into the store together or just one of them may go in. One of the suspects has long, dread-locked hair, while the other has short hair. In one case, one of them flashed an Illinois driver's license when asked for identification.

The police department explains buying inexpensive items with bogus bills is a common tactic. They are urging businesses to be very careful if someone presents a $100 bill for a small ticket item.

Anyone with information on their identity is asked to call the Baraboo Police Department's Det. Sgt. Jeff Shimon at 608-355-7353.