Buck bursts into Bayside home

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BAYSIDE, Wis. (WITI) -- A buck busted into a Bayside family's home early Tuesday, Nov. 20 causing an uproar. Police said the deer smashed through a window before wandering around the kitchen.

"Just before 1 a.m. this morning, residents woke up to the sound of loud crashing noises in their houses," said Lieutenant Eric Miller, Bayside Police Department.

Miller said the family feared a burglar had broken in. They didn't expect what happened next.

"They ended up finding a large buck in their living room and living room area," said Miller.

The four-legged intruder wandered out of the woods near Donges Road. In the middle of mating season, he likely mistook his reflection in a window as another buck, and instinct set in.

"He decided to challenge another buck. Lo and behold, he went through the window and not another deer," said Miller.

Hours after the encounter, crews were at the home repairing the damage left behind.

"The deer was able to wander its way out with very little damage done to the house and the deer itself," Miller said.

The hoofed hooligan walked away with some minor injuries, and police said he won't be facing any charges.

The family said they'll forever have a story to hold "deer" to their hearts.

"They're happy it ended the way it ended," said Miller.

Police said it was the residents' quick thinking that prevented more damage to the home. They were able to open a door, allowing the deer to wander out on its own.