Check your junk drawers! Battery causes small fire

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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) -- A fire at a home on Madison's East Side believed to be caused by an exposed 9-volt battery in a junk drawer.

Madison Fire Lieutenant Nate Franke says 9-volt's can come in contact with metals and easily start a spark because both the negative and positive reactors are on the same side. Investigators were told the family smelt something and opened the drawer to have a fire ball go up in the air, they then took the drawer outside and put snow on it to stop the fire.

"It was out before we got there," Franke said.

It was a small fire that happened on the 4200 Block Jerome Street on Friday, Nov. 1. No one was hurt.

Now, Franke wants others to be aware that this can happen to them if they don't keep a cap on their 9-volt batteries or keep them stored properly.

"It's imperative you take ownership over how safe you are in your home," Franke said.