Chocolate Shoppe officially closes, new owners of building prepare for construction

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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) -- Chocolate Shoppe's reign on Atwood Avenue has come to a close. The company has to be out by Nov. 1.

The Chocolate Shoppe on Madison's east side.

The popular ice cream spot officially closed the doors of their Atwood Avenue location last weekend. Chocolate Shoppe CEO, David Deadman, says he is focusing on moving forward and part of that includes aspirations to find a new "home" in the Atwood area.

The building was bought by D Port Properties over the summer after Deadman passed on the opportunity. D Port Properties have a handful of businesses, one includes an ice cream store, "the Merrimac Scoop."

Co-owner Casey Davenport says he chose to invest in the Atwood community for a reason. He says, "They are loyal, passionate, and care about small business. It just stinks those things were used against me when this story first came out with the wrong narrative."

Earlier in the fall, Chocolate Shoppe employees were locked out of the shop the day the Davenport closed the sale. Deadman sued the new owners of the walk-up shop on Atwood Avenue for installing new locks that violated their lease agreement.

After the lawsuit was filed, Chocolate Shoppe employees were granted approval by a judge to return to the Atwood location and reopen for business in October to finish out their season.

The lawsuit between Chocolate Shoppe and D Port Properties was settled, and Davenport will get full custody of his purchase Nov. 1. He has plans to renovate the building and open the new ice cream shop around Mother's Day 2020.