Chocolatier considers legal action over construction fumes

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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) -- Her career hasn't always been sweet. Vata Edari has been a lawyer for more than a decade. Her passion for making chocolate was a hobby that eventually grew into a business.

Now-- the lawyer turned chocolatier is thinking she might need to combine her two careers for a moment in light of recent events.

Edari came to her new store CocoVaa Chocolatier on Friday morning and was greeted by an odor.

"I traced it next door and saw they were staining concrete," Edari explained.

Her neighboring tenant in the Marling Building, Inner Fire Yoga, is in it's final stages of construction, according to Jim Anderson, CEO of 1848 Construction. Anderson says his crews used epoxy to stain the bathrooms inside Inner Fire Yoga on Friday morning, and used a lighter stain on the rest of the concrete floors.

"I saw them not open the door and ventilate the building. The odor had no where to go," Edari said.

She is blaming the yoga construction for her having to close her store during one of the busiest times of the year for chocolate makers. She ceased all production over the weekend. She tested the chocolate to see if it was affected, and said it was.

"It just didn't taste right anymore. It had an after taste," Edari explained.

Inner Fire Yoga owner, Marit Sathrum, says this whole situation makes her sad. The single mom says she loves helping the community and is encouraging of other women business owners.

"This was unforeseen," Sathrum said.

Anderson and Sathrum both say their businesses responded right away to the complaint of the odor. Edari says different. She says she had to make multiple attempts over the course of the day to get in contact with her landlord, construction company, and yoga business. She also says that she was the one that contacted Servpro to clean the air in the construction site. Anderson says the landlord did.

Edari said she isn't focusing on the lost revenue, instead, she's focused in on the future.

"I did make the decision to still have the grand opening because I think it's important to keep going," said Edari.

The grand opening for the CocoVaa Chocolatier is Tuesday, December 18th at 10 a.m. The sweet shop can be found at 1815 E Washington Ave Suite 100.

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