Citizen follows teenage drivers to Memorial High School, draws gun on them

Memorial High School.
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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV)-- A citizen drew a gun on teenage drivers near Memorial High School Monday after the citizen saw them driving erratically on the Beltline.

Madison police say when the driver noticed the teens driving Monday afternoon, he followed them to Memorial High School. The driver trailed the teens all the way into the school parking lot, according to an official with the Madison Metropolitan School District

There he confronted the teens. At some point the adult returned to the the adult's vehicle and displayed a handgun.

The adult then left the area before law enforcement arrived. The students meanwhile notified staff members and the School Resource Officer.

Madison police tell NBC15 that the incident seems more like road rage.

The adult has not been located as of Tuesday morning.

Police also said at least one of the teens is a student at the high school and was getting dropped off.

Madison police are still investigating.