City asking Madison property owners to help clear inlets

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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) -- Madison officials are asking property owners in the city to help clear inlets of snow ahead of possible snow melting over the weekend.

Since Tuesday, city crews have been removing snow from inlets to minimize the chance of flooding. However, with almost 20,000 inlets in the city's sewer system, crews cannot uncover them all before the weekend.

The city is asking property owners to "adopt" any inlets near their property and help keep it clear of snow.

“Throughout these snow events of the post couple of weeks, we’ve reminded everyone that we need to help each other,” said Mayor Soglin. “Residents have stepped up, from keeping tabs on their neighbors, to shoveling out fire hydrants we are working together to get through this. This is another great opportunity to help out!”

If you need assistance with a problematic drain, please call Engineering Operations at (608) 266-4430. For other flooding issues, call (608) 267-1199.