Clark County Deputy comforts, feeds baby during father's arrest

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CLARK COUNTY, Wis. (WSAW) -- A Clark County Deputy went above and beyond caring for a baby during an arrest.

Deputy Aaron bembnister was at home when a father was arrested for a probation warrant.

According to a post the Clark County Sheriff’s Department Facebook page, while waiting for family to pick up the baby, it started to cry. Deputy Bembnister jumped in to calm the baby down. He asked if the baby needed a bottle, which it did. He got the formula, bottle and pulled water from his squad to make the baby a bottle. His dad skills definitely kicked in and he started to feed and eventually burp the baby. During this time the father was in handcuffs was watching this going on. He expressed how appreciative he was for Deputy Bembnister caring for his child even given the situation. Even at one point saying Deputy Bembnister was a “good dude”.

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