Community members are sending relief to Puerto Rico

MADISON, Wis (WMTV) -- Efforts to relieve devastation in Puerto Rico are underway in Madison following a series of earthquakes hitting the island since the end of December.

In the last couple weeks tremors and aftershocks have ravaged the island. Several people in Madison said the damage hits close to home.

Pictures of devastation flooding Veronica Figueroa-Velez’s phone of the island she calls home.

"I feel very hopeless and I feel at times very angry as well," she said.

Tremors and aftershocks have been shaking the core of Puerto Rico destroying hundreds of buildings. Families are afraid to sleep in their homes and choosing to sleep outside on the ground instead.

Heidi Figueroa-Velez, Veronica's sister, saw the devastation first hand after a facetime call from her niece.

"I was able to see the TV moving and she walked outside and my brother has a pool and I could see the water," Heidi said.

So they decided to lend a helping hand. They're calling for the community to pitch in and donate first aid necessities to an island that is struggling to rebuild.

Joe Maldonado has family in Puerto Rico said the tragedy hits close to home and more needs to be done.

"Our federal government has neglected the island of Puerto Rico and the power grid as well as basic resources and infrastructure and when events like this occur it hurts people," he said.

Community members said their mission goes far beyond collecting supplies. They say their goal is to bring awareness to a dire situation that is often overlooked.

"Through all of the things happening to our little tiny island we have an awakening moment to fight for what's right for us and I'm not going to stop until we get there," Veronica said.

Drop-off locations are Luna’s Grocery, Centro Hispano or the Latino Chamber of Commerce. Donations will be collected until Feb. 1.

Needed Items:
Children and adult diapers
Baby wipes
Mosquito repellent
First aid kid
Feminine hygiene products
Diaper rash cream
Solar lights