County officials urge, give plow trucks room on the road

DANE COUNTY, Wis. (WMTV)-- While more than 60 plow trucks hit the roads Saturday, Dane County officials urged on crews’ behalf to share the roads and keep them safe.

More than 60 plow trucks hit the roads Saturday.

According to county executive Joe Parisi, crews cleared major roads and highways overnight and throughout the day, mostly working on scraping a thick layer of ice.

Highway commissioner Jerry Mandli said he heard about a number of drivers not giving plow trucks the room they needed to do their jobs.

“Our folks are doing their best to make this safe as possible so that you can get to where you’re going,” Mandli said. “We want them all to get home safe to their families at the end of the storm as well.”

Mandli advises drivers to keep a safe distance behind the plow trucks. Sometimes, when trucks are stopped at intersections, they might need to back up. Passing trucks when they’re on the move can quickly get dangerous, particularly over slippery bridges, so Mandli tells drivers not to pass if possible.

“As a rule of thumb,” Mandli said, “if you can’t see the mirrors on the plow truck, they mostly can’t see you.”

The current crew of plow drivers is set to wrap up at midnight.