DNR: CWD kiosk and dumpster expands to prevent disease spread

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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) -- The Department of Natural Resources is expanding the Adopt-A-Dumpster and Adopt-A-Kiosk programs to help prevent the spread of chronic wasting disease (CWD).

The expansion will offer more residents, businesses, and organizations across the state a chance to support deer hunters having their deer tested for CWD.

"The preferred disposal method is in a landfill that accepts deer carcass waste. This isn't an option everywhere in the state," said Tami Ryan, DNR's Acting Director for the Bureau of Wildlife Management. "This year we want to expand the program, and we have identified department funding to leverage this year, including funds for cost-sharing options with participants who may not want to pay 100% of the costs as participants did last year."

The DNR is offering cost-sharing as an option for the Adopt-A-Dumpster program. It allows volunteers to sponsor a dumpster during the deer season. It provides hunters an option for disposing deer carcass waste, especially in areas where those options are limited or unavailable.

The DNR prefers the dumpster locations to be on private land. However, there are options to host dumpsters on public land by consulting the DNR. The collected waste is then taken to an appropriate landfill.

According to the DNR, proper disposal of deer carcass waste helps to contain the spread of CWD.

"Last deer season volunteers stepped up to host 16 AAD locations around Wisconsin, helping local hunters to find a much-needed deer carcass waste disposal option in their area," Ryan said. "About 150,000 pounds of deer carcass waste was collected. The AAD dumpsters are an essential piece of CWD management."