Dane Co. completed its landfill biogas project

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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) -- Dane County is injecting renewable natural gas (RNG) into its pipeline after completing its landfill biogas project.

On Thursday, Dane County officials stood at the county landfill in Madison to cut a ribbon to mark the project's completion. The county’s landfill biogas facility is now able to turn trash and cow manure into renewable fuel and inject it into the interstate transmission pipeline so it can be bought and sold to power fleets of RNG vehicles locally and across the United States.

“It’s exciting to have this first-of-its-kind project reach the finish line so our area can begin to reap the financial and environmental benefits of the renewable fuel our landfill now generates,” said Dane County Executive Joe Parisi. “ Dane County’s landfill biogas facility and offloading station will advance our clean lakes and air efforts and also benefit Dane County taxpayers."

Dane County’s landfill biogas facility will displace three million gallons of fossil fuels in the first year of operation. In future years the number will grow to four million gallons. Parisi said this is equivalent to taking 4,800 cars off the road.

RNG also reduces carbon dioxide levels released from vehicles. Parisi said the carbon dioxide emission reduction is equal to more than 24 million pounds of coal burned.

BIOFerm, a Madison company, helped to complete the project.

“Outside of the environmental attributes, one of many economic benefits of this project is it brought over 500 jobs to the area, and this trend will continue in years to come with the county’s forward-thinking climate change agenda," said Nadeem Afghan, CEO and President of BIOFerm Energy Systems.

In February, Parisi announced Kwik Trip as one of the primary dispensers of the renewable vehicle fuel generated by the County’s landfill biogas facility.

The county's 2018 budget included the final phase of funding totaling $29 million for to build the biogas processing facility.