Dane Co. getting snow plows that can clear two lanes at once

Dane Co. officials shows off a tow plow when announcing the county plans to buy four for next winter (Source: Dane Co. Office of the Executive)
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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) -- When the snow starts falling in winter 2020, Dane Co. will be ready with four new snow plows that will be able to clear two lanes in a single pass.

Dane Co. leaders showed off the new technology at the East District Campus Highway Garage by bringing in an example of one of these tow plows. The County plans to purchase four of them along with heavy duty quad-axle trucks.

County Executive Joe Parisi cleared $2 million in the county budget for the new plows.

“My 2020 budget includes the investments we need to keep pace with our growing infrastructure and clear our roads of ice and snow during major winter weather events,” he explained.

According to the county, only a few other agencies in Wisconsin have rolled out tow plows.

Officials hope the plows will ensure has the equipment it needs to keep the Beltline and Interstate and other multi-lane roads clear. It notes population growth has brought with it a boom in a number of wider routes, including the new Verona Road expansion, Interstate construction, and the possibility of using shoulders on the Beltline keep making the job tougher.

Parisi has also set aside $1.4 million for four more tri-axle highway trucks.