Dane County signs $630.1 million budget

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DANE CO. Wis. -- (WMTV) -- With a goal to better the community, Dane County Executive Joe Parisi signed the Dane County Budget for 2019 on Wednesday.

Parisi said the $630.1 million budget aims to cover a number of need across Dane County.

Part of the budget will establish a mental health rapid response team for first responders, to help address the root causes of crime. The budget also doubles the amount of money available for affordable housing to $6 million.

The budget is being called an investment in community growth.

"This budget is built on an agenda that has served as a blueprint built on our county's success. It continues to invest in people places and our quality of life," said Parisi. "Dane county has much to offer, and it's our goal to make sure that everyone who resides in Dane County has access to everything this county does have to offer."