Democratic Attorney General-elect Josh Kaul calls lame-duck bills 'stunningly bad'

Josh Kaul Campaign
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MADISON, Wis. (AP) -- Democratic Attorney General-elect Josh Kaul is calling lame-duck legislation Republican Gov. Scott Walker signed into law "stunningly bad" but isn't saying if he'll challenge the changes in court.

The bills dramatically reduce Kaul's powers. The legislation allows lawmakers to intervene in state lawsuits, eliminates the state Justice Department's solicitor general's office, requires Kaul get lawmakers' approval before settling cases and sends all settlement money to the state's general fund rather than to the Justice Department.

Walker signed the bills Friday. Kaul issued a statement Friday saying the "stunningly bad" legislation is designed to diminish the impact of the November election on Republicans.

Kaul has predicted the legislation would spark multiple lawsuits. He didn't say in the statement if he would sue, however. His spokeswoman, Gillian Drummond, didn't immediately reply to an email.