Dept. of Corrections will be checking on registered sex offenders on Halloween

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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) -- While people are out trick-or-treating, the Wisconsin Department of Corrections will be out to help keep children safe.

DOC agents, along with local law enforcement officials, will be going door-to-door to check on registered sex offenders on active supervision in the area on Halloween.

In total, the DOC supervises 6,018 registered sex offenders. In 2018, agents conducted more than 2,200 home visits and took 43 sex offenders into custody for alleged supervision violations.

Registered sex offenders on active supervision have to follow certain rules during trick-or-treating hours in their community:

  • They have to be home one hour before and one hour after trick-or-treating times in their community.

  • No Halloween decorations inside or outside the home.

  • The porch light must be off.

  • No candy or costumes.

  • Should only answer the door for law enforcement or DOC agents.
  • If parents see something suspicious, they can call a toll free sex offender registry hotline, 1-877-234-0085. That hotline will be monitored by DOC staff during trick-or-treating hours on Thursday, between 3-8 p.m.