Doctor's office brings new healthcare model to Janesville

JANESVILLE, Wis (WMTV) -- A Janesville doctor’s office is bringing new life to a health care model that's nearly extinct. The clinic allows patients to receive care with no health insurance.

Physicians at "The Doctor's Office" said this model is bringing healthcare back to the basics.

"The more I learned about it, the more I saw the potential for it and the need in the community," Erika Bourdeaux said.

Bourdeaux has worked as a nurse practitioner before, but in a different environment.

"I was missing that direct patient care and when the opportunity came up it was a definite good fit for me," she said.

She was working in corporate healthcare and this is the complete opposite. This doctor's office provides healthcare services from primary and urgent care to physical therapy and health coaching with prices provided up front with no hidden fees.

"We do labs and imaging. We contract with other facilities who want to keep the cost low as well," Bourdeaux said.

"By eliminating insurance, it eliminates the overhead. So we're able to provide service a lot more reasonable," “The Doctor’s Office” general manager Paul McGraw said.

He explained these reasonable prices don’t hinder the level of healthcare. He said it's even better.

"I can spend as much time as I want with a patient and I decide on the fee that I want to charge. If I want to spend an hour with a patient and still pay the normal fee it's up to me," Bourdeaux said.

This allows physicians to practice without the influence of insurance companies and health care employers. McGraw said it's ‘old school’ medicine and he hopes to bring it back to life.

"So many people have such a high deductible and don't even meet it. Why not shop around and put yourself back in charge of the cost of your own healthcare?" McGraw said.

The healthcare center opened in July. The office already has over 30 patients. This is the third location to open in Wisconsin.

"The Good Doctor" is located at 1015 W. Burbank in Janesville.