FDA: Wisconsin reported nearly 1/3 of romaine lettuce-linked E. coli

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WASHINGTON (WMTV) -- The E. coli warning that spurred the Food and Drug Administration to warn people not to eat romaine lettuce grown in Salinas, California, has sickened more people in Wisconsin than any other state – by far, new numbers from the agency show.

In all, 67 people from 19 states have been infected with the disease; nearly a third of them, 21, happened in Wisconsin, the FDA said in Tuesday’s update. Ohio’s reported 12, while there have been no more than four cases in any of the other states.

The illnesses started on dates ranging from September 24 to November 14.

The FDA said last week to avoid romaine harvested from Salina, California, and to throw any lettuce away if you’re unsure where it was grown.

A specific recall of Missa Bay salad products was also issued after the Maryland Department of Health identified E. coli in an unopened package of Ready Pac Bistro Chicken Salad collected from an ill person’s home.

The FDA and state partners are trying to determine the exact source of the outbreak, but it appears to be connected to romaine grown in the Salinas region. Salinas is a major growing region for romaine from mid-spring to fall.

The FDA says it is on the ground and investigating farms in the region.
The agency says it’s the same E. coli strain tied to previous outbreaks, including one from last Thanksgiving.

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