Fond Blanc Foundation hoping to build second school in Haiti

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MIDDLETON, Wis. (WMTV)-- Nearly ten years ago, Haiti was hit by a catastrophic earthquake that killed thousands and turned many children into orphans.

The Fond Blanc Foundation, based in Middleton, stepped in to help and has been working with the orphanage in Fond Blanc for multiple years.

The executive director of the foundation, Tia Bunz, spoke with NBC15’s Leigh Mills on Wednesday updating on the progress in Haiti. She went to Haiti for the first time in 2012, leading a mission of 22 students to Fond Blanc. They had not been down there in more than a year due to safety concerns.

“We had not been able to travel for about a year and a half, and it’s really hard to not know what’s going on, what’s happening, the accountability,” said Bunz. “We went after a year and a half, and they were thriving. The kids in the village were safe, they were happy, the school is doing well, so we felt really good about it after a year and a half of being worried and concerned.”

The foundation helps run an orphanage in Fond Blanc, which is up in the mountains near Port-au-Prince in Haiti. They opened a school anticipating they would teach the local villagers. They started with 60 students and now have 500.

They have a new effort in Fond Blanc, building a second school.

“We had to start turning away kids, so we able to purchase land just down the road from us, and we have five acres and we are going to do a farming project, a school, and have a little medical clinic,” said Bunz.

People in Wisconsin can raise funds for the Fond Blanc Foundation at 2019’s Rally on the Runway. The event will be held at the Capital Flight Hanger at Morey Airport in Middleton on Oct. 4. You can purchase tickets online or call 608-444-7774.

Members of the foundation are planning to head back to Fond Blanc in January.