Food Fight Restaurant Group celebrates 25 years of tradition and change

MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) -- A Madison born and bred restaurant group is still growing in its 25th year of operation.

Food Fight CEO models a dessert menu viewfinder, a relic from the old Bluephies restaurant.

Food Fight Restaurant Group owns 20 restaurants around the area, including names like Bassett Street Brunch Club and Monty's Blue Plate Diner. The concepts and cuisines range from classic Italian to eclectic, California-inspired.

Everly is another location, and it represents how the group has evolved.

“It was (known as) Bluephies for 20 years, but we saw that the neighborhood was changing,” Kevin Henry, the CEO of Food Fight, said. “The restaurant needed to evolve with it.”

Henry mentioned his own evolution. He began working at the company as an accountant when he was 22 years old and worked his way to the top.

Even in the kitchen, Everly sous chef Logan Riese said that change, spurred by feedback, is always happening.

“I want this to be food that my guests want, want to come back for and be really happy with,” he said. “So I love having feedback.”

But one thing that remains the same, according to Henry, is the hospitality, across locations and time.