IN FOCUS: MPD has a podcast and it's popular

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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) -- As former Madison Police Chief Mike Koval rides off towards retirement, his legacy at the department includes something most law enforcement agencies don't have -- a podcast.

Former Chief Mike Koval.

"I thought you could just put a camera on my face and I could just talk," Koval joked.

He started brainstorming ideas for a new way to reach the community in 2016, and the podcast idea came to life in 2017. He had help from Public Information Officer Joel Despain and producer Tanya Anderson.

"We try to keep a timely and topical," Despain said.

Topics of the podcast range from the opioid epidemic, Educational Resource Officers, and recent crimes. They run around 20 minutes and are a conversation with guests with insightful perspectives.

Garnering more than 40,000 downloads, the podcast has surpassed 80 episodes and doesn't plan on stopping since Koval's retirement.

"If that is where people are gathering their information, rather than push back... you have to yield, adapt, and accept it. Try to create a medium that they can adapt to, relate to, because other wise you are going to get stuck and never get them to relate to what you have going," Koval said when talking about getting messages out to the public.