Gov. Evers plans 2 new juvenile detention facilities

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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV)--- Construction will begin on two Type 1 juvenile facilities that will replace Lincoln Hills.

Gov. Tony Evers Office made the announcement on Tuesday morning.

One facility will be located at the intersection of Teutonia Avenue and Mill Road in Milwaukee. This neighborhood was selected for ease of families to visit youth residing in care of the Department of Corrections (DOC).

The second facility will be located in Hortonia in Outagamie County. This location was selected as a recommended site for its proximity to families with youth in care of Corrections.

“We are committed to getting kids out of Lincoln Hills and closer to home as soon as we safely and responsibly can,” said Gov. Evers. “Today’s announcements show significant action towards our shared goal of ensuring kids get the education, programming and mental health treatment they need in supportive settings that are closer to their families and communities.”

Evers announced he is appointing Rep. David Crowley as chair of the ACT 185 Juvenile Corrections Grant Committee, and Sharlen Moore the nonprofit representative to the committee. This committee will determine the grants to counties to begin construction of Secure Youth Residential Centers for Children and Youth as outlined in ACT 185. Evers is urging the committee to convene on Monday to begin working with counties on grant applications.

The DOC and DOA leadership will work with local leaders in both locations to schedule and facilitate community input sessions.

“Research shows that children in incarceration make significant strides toward positive change when they are closer to their communities and loved ones,” said DOC Secretary-designee Kevin Carr. “I look forward to working with the Grant Committee and Wisconsin counties to develop a network of local opportunities to support our youth.”