Gov. Evers tasks lawmakers to pass several bills before adjourning

Gov. Evers is asking lawmakers to pass several bills before the legislative session ends.
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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) -- Governor Tony Evers is hoping several measures, from insulin prices to addressing homelessness, will be passed with bipartisan support by the end of the legislative session.

The governor returned to his teaching roots Friday, and assigned “homework” for state lawmakers.
Read the full letter to lawmakers here

“The assignment begins with the issues that a majority of people in our state support and on which I think we should be able to agree,” said Evers.

He is hoping the following proposals are passed:

  • AB 411/SB340:Caps insulin prices at $100 for a 30-day supply.
  • AB146/SB130:Closing the “dark store” loophole.
  • AB 321/SB302:Directs the DNR to establish standards for PFAS.
  • AB 41/SB 332 and AB 214/SB 200:: Creates a sexual assault kit tracking system and establishes a procedure to collect and process those kits.
  • AB119/SB 122, AB120/SB 145, AB121/SB120, AB122/SB 124, AB123/SB 119, AB124/SB 144, AB125/SB 121:Increases investments to address homelessness.
  • AB 64/SB 71:Reimburses municipalities for costs incurred administering special elections

Evers is also hoping the legislature work together on other issues as well including sexual assault and harassment investigations in the Wisconsin National Guard, helping Wisconsin’s agricultural industry, and increase mental health funding.

Evers said he will be outlining additional priorities in the future.