Great Dane apologizes after kicking out man dressed as Trump during Freakfest

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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV)-- The restaurant Great Dane Pub and Brewing is apologizing after kicking out a man dressed as Trump during Freakfest this year.

The customer, Clay Tyler, said he was kicked out because of his Halloween costume. Tyler was at the Great Dane with his fiance and his two daughters.

At the time, Great Dane said they asked Tyler to leave because he was acting “belligerently” and did not have proper identification.

On Tuesday, however, the Great Dane emailed NBC15 saying the situation could have been handled better, and that “the Great Dane is truly sorry.”

NBC15 also spoke to Tyler on Tuesday, who says he is satisfied with how the restaurant addressed the situation. Great Dane apologized to him, he says, and that he and the operations manager “agree to disagree” whether or not his Trump costume was the source of the controversy.

Great Dane Marketing & Social Media Specialist Alyssa Harms said in an email that a hostess was concerned that Tyler did not have an ID, which was required during Freakfest in downtown Madison the weekend before Halloween.

But Tyler and his family were eventually allowed into the restaurant. “He did not make a scene or make the Hostess cry” as Great Dane Operations Manager Ted Peterson told NBC15 at the time of the controversy.

Great Dane says that 30 minutes later, Tyler was told to leave the restaurant.

“The reason he got so angry or “belligerent” (as stated on the interview), was because he was told to leave & escorted out and felt it was for no apparent reason,” according to Harms.

Harms wrote in the email to NBC15:

“The statements made previously about Tyler, now the employees know were inaccurate. The Great Dane is truly sorry. Tyler felt it was because of his costume but, The Great Dane says it was because of the misunderstanding at the door & a few guests complaining they didn’t like his demeanor.”