Health experts urge kids to get vaccinated

Madison, Wis (WMTV) -- As the school year gets underway, reports show 50,000 students in Wisconsin are not vaccinated, leaving them vulnerable to measles.

Health officials said those children have vaccination waivers.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows 1,215 cases of measles across the nation. This is the highest since 1992.

Public Health Madison & Dane County officials said kids are the most vulnerable to the disease because of a weakened immune system and the only solution is to get vaccinated.

"Yes, it's a huge problem. We know that vaccines are safe and effective," Sarah Hughes, Public Health Madison & Dane County Immunization Coordinator said. "When we have high levels of children who are not vaccinated it affects the health of the whole community and puts us at greater risks for an outbreak in the future."