Health officials encourage owners to license pets

Dog owners are required to license their dogs by the age of five months. (Pexels)
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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) -- As 2019 comes to an end, Public Health Madison and Dane County is asking all pet owners to purchase a license for their cat or dog for the new year.

All dogs or cats kept in Dane County are required to be licensed by the age of five months. State law requires a dog license for dogs by the age of five months.

Licenses are sold on an annual basis. The license year begins on Jan 1 and ends Dec. 31.

To license your cat or dog in Madison, click here.

“Pet licensing helps all animals,” says John Hausbeck, Animal Services Supervisor for Public Health Madison & Dane County. “When you pay your licensing fee, part of that money helps us pay for the care of stray, abandoned, and impounded animals.”

A pet license also helps return lost animals to their owners and officials ask residents to make sure their dog or cat is wearing a license tag at all times.

In the Madison, the license fee for a spayed or neutered cat or dog is $20, and for unspayed or unneutered pets the fee is $25. Pet owners who do not license their dog or cat annually may face a fine of $124 in Madison. License fees and fines in the rest of Dane County vary by municipality.