How the coronavirus is transmitted, and why its not the first of its kind

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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV)-- The recent spread of this coronavirus is similar to another coronavirus outbreak: SARS.

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There are up to 40 different coronaviruses, and this one is known as the Novel 2019.

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Researchers are almost certain this came from a bat that spread to an unknown type of animal at a Wuhan, China market, which then spread to a human and was transmitted to another human.

The way this spread is similar to SARS.

Bernard, an expert in these types of animal to human diseases, says she's confident in the research being done right now.

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"They are already working on it. There are at least three different vaccines they are starting to be developed. Who hopes to have one tested in a few months and have a vaccine in a year. It won't help immediately but if it does turn out to be a pandemic then it will be helpful,” Bernard says.

Bernard says she has confidence in the public health infrastructures in the United States.