Janesville barbershop owner hangs up the clippers after 50 years of service

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JANESVILLE, Wis. (WMTV) - Even the most seasoned Rock County residents were a bit baffled by the early snow fall, but at Rote's Hairstyling Shop in Janesville, they were celebrating more than a snowy Halloween.

Burr Rote and a customer at Rote's Rote's Hairstyling Shop in Janesville.

Burr Rote has owned the small shop on Academy Street for more than 50 years. Thursday is his last day in business before hanging up the clippers and retiring.

Rote says he has cut hundreds of people's hair, some dedicated customers say he's been their go-to since they were little kids.

With a packed schedule of haircuts, the snow was not exactly how Rote envisioned the day.

"Well I don't care for the snow too much,” he says. “I had a few guys cancel out, and they were older guys, so they didn’t want to come out. Can't blame them."

Burr's brother and wife were also there to support, Burr said he hopes to golf and go on more trips with his wife.

As for what's next for the shop-- the new owners will start a new barbershop there next Tuesday.